User instructions

Hosts and maps
Each host has a letter (= county) and a number e.g.: U102 = Stora Hällsta in Västmanland. These designations are on the maps.

Symbols and legend are on Cover.
There are two rows of symbols. The top row shows what you should know before you start your journey, while the second row shows what facilities are available at the hosts.

The guide contains QR codes for each host that can be scanned with a mobile phone. The QR code in the lower right corner opens Google Maps for directions (see Cover). The QR code in the upper right corner goes to the host’s website and the red QR-code to the hosts Facebook page FB.

Some hosts want you to call in advance . This is indicated in the guide. It is not possible to reserve a space.

For electricity, you may be charged a fee.

Presented GPS coordinates are in decimal format, e.g.
Latitude: N 59.7738 Longitude: E16.9264

The content of the guide and GPS coordinates may not be compiled, published or distributed.

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